The Long Hiatus

Hye, it's been a long time since my last post.

For sure a lot of things has happen during the period.

I have been living an adult life. A person with commitment and bills to pay. I'll try to write again. Blog is kind of not IN at the moment, it was famous back then, circa 2007-2010. Now, people VLOG. VLog is an activity of recording your daily chores or expressing your opinions, thoughts or information using a video. Among other famous medium that people use to vlog is YouTube. You can watch a lot of different kind of videos from various Vloggers. Some vlogged with a theme while some vlogged on random theme or ideas.

I would not vlog, YET because i am a camera shy. So...this is me , trying to blog again. Baby steps.. What i am going to write is about random stuff and issues. Until then, i am signing out now.


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