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Sekarang adalah cuti semester for me & friends. it's been a week already for me being stay-at-home vampire. gosh, im in desperate need of reasons to wake up in the morning. and  so far, i've none. i'm thinking of working but the zen isn't really there. Bab weight, tok sah cerita la beb. Buat gua fed up saja. 4 weeks left until hols end. I kinda hope, i have well-manage my cuti.


Btw, perasan tak something new, something old, something blue and something borrowed ? Oohh..puh-lease, it's not the wedding bells yang kerapkali berbunyi waktu cuti sekolah, akan tetapi my blog layout yang telah berubah.

Why black?
#You cant go wrong with black.

Train Lover?
#Nice to meet you. I'm a train lover, be it KTMB or Orient Express*someday*. It's IN and SuperClassic
#Because i love TRAIN too. Dont ask me what song of theirs i love. Cause i'll answer, Hey Soul Sister one and only! Other than that, i didnt bother to look out okay.

#darn rite, i wish to own one. tapi everytime i have money, i think it'll be a waste saja. so now, i'll rely on picnik. perhaps someday i'll be part of the great lomoNATION.

------------------------the end.
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Shahrysham Kamran said...

i love your new layout!!! and the head image as well! good job intan XD

intan-love-safinaz said...

i'm glad u like it! it's now or never...nx sem sure busy like hell kan...gosh, i miss our blogging society...

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