Confessions of A+ Shopaholix

This week I spent every available hour watched Confessions of a Shopaholic by Isla Fisher (pronounced Aila not Isla) as a favour for myself in order to understand the subject of Company Law better (help me find the relevant). How so? I don’t know I just make up reasons to rationalize my omission to study. I watched it pretty frequent, one after one. Months before, I did a quiz about some movie character at facebook and as a result, I was the Rebecca Bloomwood. And now I understand why, I love shopping so much, be it clothes, shoes that I never wear, groceries, gadgets, beauty products and as the list goes on and I spent every single dime of my scholarship for the shopping. Sometimes I felt really bad about it and have no doubt why I need to work. I cant burden my parents for my crucial addiction of shopping. It was so immature. Later than, I found a few similarities between me and Rebecca Bloomwood.

Why I shop? As Rebecca Bloomwood said, when she shops, the world gets better. Yes, it is so true and I feel the same. I feel better when I shop. I have nine lusts, people. That’s answer it. To be true, I have no savings, no insurance or whatsoever for my raining days. I stopped using ATM card at March as my allowance for this semester reached zero cents. Thank God, at least I have hard-to-reach so called saving @ KWSP. At least, I can see some money after my effort of working. The reason we have money is to spend. We can’t bring it to grave. So, what’s the purpose of having money but you never touch it and instead kept burdening other people in life.

I don’t say spend your money until getting bankrupt but learn when to put a pullstop. What is important is adapt what we learn in Consumer Law in life. I’m proud to say, by shopping, I get to be a better consumer. I know my rights better. I know the rule to be a smart shopper and the most important, I contributed to generate economy growth. *wink wink*

So people, what are you waiting for? Get your shoes and starts the shopping marathon (not necessarily just don’t be Haji Bakhil sudeyh). Ciao and Good day!

i'm so loving Beck's look for the interview!
loike the gloves and bags, plus the cardigan!
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