Mia Targetto

yes, i'm weight scale freak!

Well, it is exam week which means i cant have strict no food policy. That because i cant focus on my last minutes revision when my mind is actually craving for Nasi Kukus Intan. My weight is reaching the number 65 at last after two weeks not moving from 66. Kinda worried but life must move on. I guess patience is the key. With lack of calorie-burning activities, i cant complained much. It is a very busy week after all.

 I've been thinking of detoxing my body, i've decided will do it at home nanti. Therefore, gonna google a lot of thing before balik. Speaking of balik rumah, i aim for my weight to be at 63 before i go back home. Then, at home i will try to reduce it to 60 within 6-7 weeks holiday. There'll be a lot of temptation, i'm sure but we'll see..

From there, if i succeed, that means only 10kg left to lose. When all my friends is planning to grad with great CGPA, i've decided to to grad with less weight.  Let say 50, is it possible? Again, we'll see. I have the whole final year to lose 10kg. Ahakkss, i guess it's time to hit gym. Luckily, our new home is near to the  gym.

After all, what man propose, the God may dispose. It's just the target that i plan for myself..and i hold no pressure for myself. No worries. God Willing.
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